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American Minorities

Strategies & tips for locating resources for your research project

Using Sources to Support a Claim

Read the article linked below as a group and answer the questions on your handout:

Greg Sargent. “Trump Just Caved. Democrats Can Now Take Control of the Immigration Debate.” Washington Post, 2019 1AD.

Claim #1: President Trump has yielded to pressure to end the government shutdown and will not pursue building a border wall using government funds.

Claim #2: Democrats in Congress now have an opportunity to develop a workable solution for this situation that satisfies Congress and the President.

Can you find any support in this article for either of these claims?


Each group will examine and review their assigned resource, working thru the questions on the worksheet and report back to the class their results:

Group 1: Blog

Group 2: Magazine article

Group 3: Website

Group 4: Newspaper editorial

Group 5: Scholarly article

Spend a few minutes reviewing the resource your group has been assigned. Determine if the source could be used to support either claim.

Plan to report to the entire class the following:

  • Which claim your source could support
  • A direct quote from the source that supports one of the claims
  • Do you think this would be a source you would use for a project in American Minorities? Why or Why not?