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Educational Law EDUC6013

Tips and strategies for gathering resources to create a school policy to meet the course objectives


Searching NexisUni can be both very rewarding and very frustrating at the same time.  While you can search the entirety of the database at one time, it makes for more effective searching to focus on one area per search, for example, legal cases OR newspaper articles.  

Searching legal cases: click the drop down menu near the middle of the screen, search by topic, specific case, etc. If you'd like to search by a particular court (such as US Supreme Court), there is a drop down menu labelled "Search by Subject or Topic" just above the main search blank.  Click on this to select specific courts, view landmark cases, etc.  The full text of all court decisions are available to download.  These files are typically very large, so printing the entire file is not recommended, instead download and print the sections you think will be most helpful.

Searching news: click the drop menu near the middle of the screen.  The default search is for major world publications, so be sure to change this to match what type of news you're searching.  You can even search transcripts of congressional testimonies, news programs such as NPR, CNN and major broadcast news programs.

The files have been reformatted from the original publications into HTML, which is much easier to read and search on screen and the download feature will allow you to select from several formats including word documents and pdf files.  These can be handy for doing word searches and narrowing down to specific information.


The information in this database is not going to be the cases, rather the articles that have been written about laws and specific cases.  Please keep this in mind as you search. This database is included in the search box on the "Articles" page of this guide.

You can search for and find primary sources such as speeches, transcripts and court decisions in this database, many of which are available in full text and ready for immediate download.  This database is included in the search box on the "Articles" page of this guide.  Below is an example of one of the court decisions available.