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Profession License Examinations: NCLEX-RN Practice Tests

Some professions require students to take an examination at the conclusion of their college work, either graduate or undergraduate, before they can be licensed to practice in their chosen field.

Nursing Board Information

Study Guides for the NCLEX

Online Practice Tests

Accessing Online Practice Tests and eBook Study Guides:

  • Select the "Learning Express" Link shown below
  • Register or login to your account
    • Dugan Library does NOT have access to your login information, you can retrieve password information with your email account​
  • Select "Career Preparation"
  • Select "Prepare for an Occupation Exam" 
  • Under "Nursing" select NCLEX-RN from the menu
  • NCLEX-RN Online Practice includes:
    • 3 165-question practice tests
    • 2 Downloadable eBooks
      • Flash Review
      • PowerPractice
  • ​Watch the video below for detailed instructions (no audio)