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ACL 2022: Resilience & Reinvention: Welcome!


Campus Locations

Dugan Library is on the eastern edge of campus. ACL Registration will be in the atrium. You will also find the bookstore, student center, conference center and alumni centers in this building.

Eck Hall is where the majority of conference presentation will take place. This classroom building is used for all types of classes.

DeMattias houses the fine arts and the performance hall where our keynote speaker will address us on Tuesday morning. The building is joined with our athletics center by the round atrium in the middle. In front you will see a statue which is in the middle of Founder's Plaza. Founder's Plaza is where the President's BBQ and the entertainment we have planned will be.

Founder's Plaza with its statue of Saint Maria DeMattias is where the Thursday evening President's BBQ and our evening entertainment will be. It's located behind Dugan Library.

Mabee Dining is where most meals will be served. It's conveniently located just a short walk from both dorms we will be staying in. We will be the only group on campus during our conference so wait time should be pretty short.

Gerber Science Center is where most of our morning and afternoon breaks will be as well as a couple of classrooms for workshops and other meetings. This is the newest building on campus and is a state of the art facility for our science programs.

Beata Hall is a pod-style dorm where 6 single rooms have a common living and kitchen space. Located on the south side of campus, it's an easy and short walk to all campus locations.

Carrocci Hall is named for our immediate past president is the newest dorm on campus. It is also sometimes called our Freshman dorm. This is a more traditional set up with two rooms sharing a bathroom between them. It's located on the west edge of campus and is a short and easy walk to all campus locations.

Conference Planning Team

- Jeanette

I've been involved in ACL for many years and I am really looking forward to hosting the 2022 conference. We've been working to plan some fun events along with the professional development that is such an essential component of ACL. I welcome any questions about our campus, city or conference, please feel free to reach out.

Phone: 316-315-5456


- Steve

Steve has been Library Director for almost six years and worked in Dugan Library for almost sixteen. He has been involved in ACL for several years now, attending and presenting at several conferences. He is looking forward to having ACL members and conference attendees on campus. 

Phone: 316-942-4291, ext. 2108



Dyana is the newest member of our library staff. After working for three years as a student worker, she transitioned to a full time staff position in January 2020. Dyana is a new member of ACL and this will be her first in-person conference.

Phone: 316-942-4291, ext. 2210


Darla & Jeanette at ACL in Grand Rapids


I am the Assistant Library Director at Benedictine College Library in Atchison, Kansas. I have been involved in ACL and attended several ACL conferences. I am looking forward to having you all see our beautiful state and looking forward to welcoming you to the Newman campus. Please reach out with any questions about the conference.

Phone: 913-360-7516


Campus Map

Click on the campus map to view a downloadable, printer friendly map of our campus.


Register for conference beginning March 1!

ACL Conference Rates & Information

Keep checking our Conference LibGuide for more information about conference, Wichita, and Newman University!

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!

We have so many pillows! Pillows are not included with the sheets and towels for the dorms, so April took advantage of Black Friday sales and had 130 pillows shipped to us for those staying on campus this summer! I'm standing in our break room where we are storing them. We have gotten lots of questions from students about why we have so many pillows! Hopefully, they will help everyone to get a good night's sleep while in Wichita.

We've gotten several questions about mattresses in the dorms. I spoke with our residence life director earlier today and he told me that all the mattresses in the dorms have been replaced in the last two years. No tempurpedic or sleep number beds, but pretty good.

- Jeanette

*The pillows will be donated to a local homeless shelter after conference is over.

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