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American History 2

Strategies & tips for locating resources for your research projects

American History 2 Projects

Museum Exhibit Paper Requirements (due week 7, February 26)

  • Your paper must be 5 pages long
  • You should include a minimum of 5 sources
  • Pictures of approximately 6-7 artifacts, with explanations of what they are
  • Explanation of why each artifact merits inclusion
  • A contextual page explaining the context of the artifact, which includes the origin or provenance and significance to your topic
  • Include controversial aspects and account for contradictory evidence (Professor Weber will provide you with an example)
  • You must demonstrate that you have analyzed your exhibit according to the four basic requirements of the American Historical Association regarding museum exhibits
  • For help with citing visual images:

Social History Paper Requirements (due week 11, March 26)

  • Your paper should be 3 pages long
  • Analyze your song/poem/document as a primary source
  • Your paper should include:
    • The origin (including any disputes over authorship)
    • Explain who wrote/performed the piece
    • The time period it was written
    • The reason for its popularity
    • It's original purpose
    • The history behind the piece and why it is important then and now
  • Things to consider:
    • What was the agenda behind it?
    • Was it used as propaganda?
    • Does it promote a controversial point of view?
    • Was it controversial upon release, or is it controversial now?

Research Paper Requirements (due week 16, April 30)

  • Your paper must be 6-7 pages long
  • A minimum of 5 sources
    • no more than half of your sources may be internet sources
    • Two sources must be primary sources
  • Use APA, MLA or Chicago for your citations and works cited page
  • You must include citations within the text
  • Please do NOT use Wikipedia or your textbook as a source

All of your papers should be written in standard American English and be proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

*Don't forget that you will have to plan a presentation for each paper!