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College Writing 2--Ast

Strategies, tips & links to gather resources for your research assignment.

Finding Sources for Your Research

For College Writing 2, Mrs. Ast requires you to seek out a variety of

academically credible, primary sources for research.

The sources must support an arguable claim/thesis statement about your subject.  As you find sources of information, consider what the general audience already knows.  Then, carefully plan your research by printing electronic sources, obtaining copies of books and other sources, and documenting notes as you find answers to your essential, research question.  In Mrs. Ast’s class, you will write several, small research papers that will help you to compile a larger, collegial, research assignment and project by the end of the semester. 

As you begin researching consider locating the following sources:

  • 3-4 scholarly books
  • 4-5 scholarly articles
  • 2-5 news and other Internet sources (No .coms)

Note:  Students may not use electronic sources that are more than five years old or print sources that are more than 10 years old, except with permission.

Other source options:

  • A personal experience
  • An interview, survey or field research
  • DVD, VHS or video source
  • Any other sources the library may have

Your final paper of the semester must support a claim by presenting supporting evidence and countering opposing views using an argumentative structure that will lead you and your readers towards an “absolute truth” about your subject.