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College Writing 2--Crane-Laracuente

Guide to research for College Writing 2 students for Prof. Crane-Laracuente

Finding Sources

Professor Crane-Laracuente requires you to seek out and ultimately include in your essay an array of sources. These must (ultimately) each add something meaningful and directly relevant to your one line of inquiry and operate with good timing, proportion, and focus. Seek material that responds to your topic and offers something important in response to your inquiry question. What sources might make tasty “sandwiches” for you and your readers?

  • 3-4 scholarly books (begin with at least 6)
  • 4-5 scholarly articles (begin with at least 8)

*Note: Books and articles must be published in the last 15 years (2003-present)

  • 2-5 news and other Internet sources
  • A relevant personal experience
  • An interview, survey or field research (optional)

Print copies of article citations or book records to keep for your Research Notebook​!

Your final inquiry-driven informal but college-level research essay should ultimately:

  • ​become 8-12 well-articulated pages which
  • include a relevant array of 8-12 sources,
  • both of which meet the specific demands of your inquiry question (which as you learn more should evolve on the page and usually become more specific)—your  subject, purpose, audience, and the demands of this kind of essay genre