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Intro to Lit & Crit--Crane-Laracuente

Research guide to locate resources for the Interpretation Project

Interpretation Project

This guide is intended to help you as begin to gather sources for your Interpretation Project.

  • Academic research can easily be compared to the work of a detective.  Detective work isn't always as glamorous and exciting as it appears on TV and in movies. A lot of work goes in to tracking down information, witnesses, and suspects.  There are lots of details and it can be time consuming if done well.  Research is a learned skill and rarely does anyone have a natural ability to sit down and successfully search with no instruction or guidance.
  • Just as a detective runs into dead ends or false positives, you will experience the same thing as you pursue academic research.  Don't give up!  Often the best results come through a process of trial and error.  Allow yourself to experiment and try new things, you never know what you might find!

If you have questions or need help locating resources, please be sure to consult with Professor Crane-Laracuente or one of our librarians.  We would be very happy to help you.

Dugan Library will be helpful for you to explore and identify the resources needed for your interpretation project.

***Professor Crane-Laracuente requires you to gather and show her a list of four or more sources from writing outside the text that are relevant to that text and the idea about it that you're working in through your essay.***

Ultimately, at least three of the sources must be from a library catalog or database source rather than internet searching

Types of resources that you might use:

  • another biography of your author (or possibly an interview or speech)
  • some additional stories by your author
  • one or more essays by other writers who have published a printed work in which that writer discusses a possible meaning of your story text. (Specifically from an academic source, such as a book chapter or peer-reviewed journal).

This guide is designed to help you locate appropriate resources for your project.