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NSP: Faith & Reason

Strategies and tips to locate resources for your research project

Finding Sources for Your NSP Research Assignment

Professors Oberley and Umbarger requires you to:

  • Discover scholarly sources to integrate into a well-written research essay
  • Research a topic that explores the intersection between science and theology, the philosophy of science, the role of faith in science or the role of critical thought in thoelogy

Questions to ask yourself as you begin searching for resources

  1. What do you most want to convey to your reader?
  2. What is the main thesis?
  3. What supporting arguments do you have for your thesis? 

It's always wise to collect more than what you think you will need. Think about how many books and articles you think you might need to answer the research questions listed above and be able to write a 10 page paper. Planning to gather one or two more than what you think you might need is especially prudent if you have to rely on interlibrary loan (borrowing from other libraries) and don't have the book or full text article to consult immediately.

The information on this guide will help you to discover different types of resources.  Please ask your instructor or one of our librarians for help if you have difficulty using the sources or you just don't know what else to try!  We'd be very happy to work with you to discover the sources you need!