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NSP: Faith & Reason

Strategies and tips to locate resources for your research project

Books in Dugan Library

Once you've identified subject headings and keywords, you're ready to begin searching for books and articles. Books from Dugan Library may be checked out for 30 days at a time, but you are allowed to renew if you need them longer.

When searching for books, it's more practical to search using broader terminology than you would for articles. So if you've typed in something very specific and aren't getting many or very relevant results, try again using more generic words.

The link below will allow you to search for books in our library. 

Books from Other Libraries

Since it is not possible for our library to have books on every topic on our shelves, we provide a way for you to search for books from other libraries.

You'll want to search WorldCat Discovery. Just as our library catalog allows you to search what we own, WorldCat will search libraries from all around the world.

If you find a book that you would be interested in borrowing, this is called interlibrary loan.  This a free service that we provide for you as a student at Newman University. However, there are a couple of things to remember, the book is not yours to keep and it needs to be returned by the due date given from the lending library. You can request to borrow books and videos.