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Ancient World: Heroes & Legends

Strategies & Tips for locating resources for your research project.

Finding Sources for Your Research Assignment

Professor Golden requires you to:

  • Craft a 10-12 page research and writing project
    • Your final paper should investigate, compare and contrast, three "heroes" associated with the places and peoples studied in class
    • Remember, if you add a modern day super hero to the mix that you should do justice to ancient origins
  • Important dates:
    • February 26: identify a topic and the three "heroes" you'll use to support your work
    • March 26: develop a bibliography of primary and secondary sources
    • April 9: produce a working thesis statement and outline
    • April 23: smooth draft of 4-5 pages plus working bibligraphy
    • May 7: final draft of 10-12 page paper plus working bibliography

 It's always wise to collect more than what you think you will need. This is especially true if you have to rely on interlibrary loan (borrowing from other libraries) and don't have the book or full text article to consult immediately.

The information on this guide will help you to discover different types of resources.  Please ask your instructor or one of our librarians for help if you have difficulty using the sources or you just don't know what else to try!  We'd be very happy to work with you to discover the sources you need!

Important things to keep in mind:

  • What primary sources offer a glimpse of your "hero"?
  • How does this person (real or fictional) help us to understand the culture she or he represents?
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of your written and material sources?
  • What secondary sources are available and useful for your project?
  • What secondary sources are useful on the history of your heroes?
  • Be able to support your analysis of each hero with at least two secondary sources for each of your heroes
    • These can be monographs (books), journal articles, textbooks
    • You can use encyclopedia works, but you may not count them as one of your two sources per hero