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NSP: Memories of Combat

Strategies & tips for locating resources for your research project

Finding Sources for Your Research Assignment

Professor McFall requires you to:

  • Read one novel or memoir from the list provided
  • Analyze the text you have chosen as a 'memory of combat'
    • ​That is you should:
      • ​address the historical context of the author's experience in comabe
      • the reasons s/he decided to write the book
      • how this book fits or doesn't fit into the literary traditions discussed, and so on
    • ​​Do NOT attempt to write your paper based upon movies adapted from these novels and memoirs
  • ​Your paper should:
    • be 8-12 pages long (2,400 to 3,600 words)
    • cite at least 8 separate sources in addition to whatever reading you use from this course​
      • ​these may include internet sources, but should also reflect research done in the Newman library and databases
  • ​​The final copy of your paper is due Friday, April 27th

 It's always wise to collect more than what you think you will need. This is especially true if you have to rely on interlibrary loan (borrowing from other libraries) and don't have the book or full text article to consult immediately.

The information on this guide will help you to discover different types of resources.  Please ask your instructor or one of our librarians for help if you have difficulty using the sources or you just don't know what else to try!  We'd be very happy to work with you to discover the sources you need!

Novels & Memoirs to Use for This Assignment

Dugan Library does not own all of the suggested books from your course list, but are adding them as quickly as possible. You'll find links below to all that are available in library.  You may also choose to borrow the book you've selected to read through interlibrary loan.