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Educational Law EDUC6013

Tips and strategies for gathering resources to create a school policy to meet the course objectives

Finding Sources for Educational Law

The course objectives require you to:

  • explore legal and ethical issues concerning school law
  • discuss and apply relevant issues from landmark legal cases
  • identify theories of action in existing or proposed school policy
  • demonstrate knowledge of federal statutory and regulatory provisions in influencing public and private education
  • recognize the standards of care involved in civil and criminal liability for negligence and intentional torts
  • examine school policy and procedure to determine legal compliance

This guide is designed to aid you in finding appropriate scholarly and legal information to meet these objectives.   Searching databases and library catalogs is much different than trying to research using search engines such as Bing or Google.  While the databases and catalogs are located online, the structure and search features are reminiscent of using traditional print indexes and card catalogs.  The structure of the databases and catalogs is designed around a hierarchical structure that is intended to aid in subject specific discover.  The ability to search well using a search engine may or may not be helpful as you explore scholarly resources.

The information on this guide will help you to discover different types of resources.  Please ask your instructor or one of our librarians for help if you have difficulty using the sources or you just don't know what else to try!  We'd be very happy to work with you to discover the sources you need!