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Juvenile Delinquency

Strategies and tips for locating resources for your research project

What are different types of resources that you find on the Internet?

What are different types of resources that you find in a database, such as Academic Search Premier?

  • Spend time with your group and brainstorm keywords to use as search terms to conduct research.
  • Use the identified keywords and search using Google (not Google scholar) and Academic Search Premier.
  • Identify two resources from each that your group agrees would be useful to include in a research project.
  • Things to consider when you select a source:
    • credibility -- does the author(s) list their credentials, are they an expert on the topic, can you tell?
    • currency -- is timeliness a factor?
    • fact or opinion -- is there a bias, are they attempting to persuade or inform readers?
    • anything else you think is important to consider!

Select one resource located by Google and one in Academic Search Premier to show the rest of the class and be prepared to explain why your group choose the resource.

Use the search box and link below to get started on your searching!


Google Web Search

Academic Search Premier