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Professional Development--Newman Staff

Information regarding upcoming and past development opportunities sponsored by the Newman University Staff Professional Development committee

Dugan Library Resources

Dugan Library provides access to a wide variety of resources that are available to you for professional and personal use.  As a member of the Newman community, you have unlimited free access to Dugan Library.  This page is meant to connect and guide you through using these resources.  If you have any questions or need help with accessing any resource, please contact one of our librarians and we would be more than happy to help!

  • Steve Hamersky, Library Director
  • Jeanette Parker, Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • Dyana Baca, Library Assistant

Books in Dugan Library

You can easily search for books in library using our online catalog.  Most of the books and videos in our collection are available for you to check out. This is what the main search screen looks like: 

The link to begin searching is right below.

Dugan Library also has a rotating collection of novels, biographies, craft books, cook books, audio books and more!  It is called a rotating collection because it changes entirely every six months!  You can search just this collection in our catalog.  However, the best way to discover books in this collection is by browsing in person.  It's located just inside the library entrance.  Any of these items may be checked out for a 30 day loan.

Research Databases

Dugan Library subscribes to a wide variety of databases to meet the research needs of the students and faculty at Newman University. Some databases are general in nature and provide full text and citation information on dozens of subjects while others are very specific in scope and are intended for research for specific disciplines. The types of articles vary as greatly as the databases.  Whether you're looking for investment advice from the Wall Street Journal, the latest celebrity news from People Magazine or are interested in the latest research about probiotics or teaching methods and even US Supreme Court decisions, we have databases that will help you find all of this and more!

Even if you are not a student, or have a young student at home needing some help, you can use our databases!  Most of our databases provide full text for articles, which can be accessed immediately for download.  We are able to provide copies for any articles that have citation and abstract only (i.e., not full text) through our interlibrary loan service.  Contact Dyana for help with this service (it's free!).

We have LibGuides set up to help students and faculty with research based on general subject areas, as well as for specific classes.

Click here to access our full list of LibGuides  You can browse by subject area, teacher or use a keyword search to locate the most appropriate guide for your search. The LibGuides are designed to connect you with subject headings, books, and research articles on a particular topic.

If you prefer, you can use the general search below to explore the different resources available.

*Note: You will need to enter your network username and password for both on and off campus access to the library resources.  This should look identical to your office desktop or laptop login.

Books from Other Libraries--Interlibrary Loan

Although we have a wonderful collection of books and videos in our library, there are often times when someone wants to borrow something we don't own. When this happens, the library is able to borrow from other libraries all across the state and the country to provide a loan of the item for you.  Local public libraries are able to provide this service for you, but if you'd prefer, we offer this service to you as an employee of Newman University. This service is provided at no charge to you.

When we borrow items from other libraries, you will generally have access to the books or videos for a period of 1-2 weeks and even up to 16 weeks, depending on the lending library's policies.  There are a couple of different ways you can request interlibrary loan materials.

Kansas Library eCard

The State Library of Kansas provides an extremely comprehensive set of resources for all residents of Kansas to access and use.  Besides research databases, the State Library also provides access to an auto repair database, genealogy research, historical Kansas newspapers, statistical resources, Mango Languages and much more.  Many of their resources are listed among the databases we offer to the Newman Community, but there are many more resources that are only available from the State Library portal.  You should be able to access these resources as long as you are logged in to a computer with an IP address located in Kansas.  However, there are times when this doesn't work and you will need to have a State Library of Kansas eCard to access them.  There are other state resources that are only available with a State Library of Kansas eCard.

You can obtain a State Library of Kansas eCard from Dugan Library, it's a simple process, or from any public library in Kansas.  Jeanette is happy to get you set up with your own eCard, just ask!

You can access the State Library resources at:

Request a state library eCard here: State Library of Kansas eCard Request for Newman University