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COVID Protocol for Newman University Students: Getting Started

Information about classes and using online course tools.

Online Learning Resources

New Normal Coming to Newman University

To quote a song from a Disney movie you probably saw many years ago... "It's a whole new world". If only Aladdin was real, we'd certainly wish for better health for our world and a whole different reality than we are currently living!

But, Newman faculty, staff and administration believe we will overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak as our community comes together.

As you no doubt have heard by now -- all in-person classes have been moved online for the remainder of Spring 2020.

So what do you do when classes start again March 30? Follow the information in this email and you'll be good to go!

Connecting with Your Class Sessions

Connecting with Your Class Sessions

Your professor may use Zoom to continue your class sessions. You will need a computer or mobile phone with broadband Internet, computer audio capability, and a webcam.
Your professor will email a link for you to join class. The email will say something like, "John Henry Newman is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting."
Below that will be a link to join. Simply click on this link to join. 
Note: Plan on joining your class about 15 minutes early the first time.

1. Click here to connect with your instructors. Your professors may not be on campus, so email is the best way to connect.

2. Click here to log on to Canvas. Learn more at the tab above labeled Canvas.

3. Click here to explore Zoom. Learn more at the tab above labeled Zoom.

Meeting with Your Advisor

1. Click here to log on to Canvas. All students have a Connect with Your Advisor course.

2. Click here to connect with your advisor