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AI-Generated Content: Student AI Disclosures

A guide for students to disclose their use of AI tools on assignments where such tools are allowed.

Acknowledging Use of AI-Generated Content

When Do I Need to Acknowledge Use of an AI Tool?

Any assignments that allow the use of AI tools should include an acknowledgement of your AI use.

Don't assume that you are allowed to use AI tools on an assessment. Check with your instructor if you are unsure. Policies will vary from instructor to instructor.

How Do I Acknowledge My Use of AI?

Include an acknowledgement in an appendix to your assignment or in a location designated by your instructor.

Acknowledgement of how you used AI tools on an assignment should include the following:

  • The name of the tool used and a link to the website for the tool
  • A description of the type of task you used the tool to accomplish (e.g. generate text, generate images, edit text, generate code, etc.)
  • A list of the specific prompt(s) used
  • An explanation of how you used the output in your final work

Recommended Format

I acknowledge the use of [insert AI system(s) and link] to [specific use of generative artificial intelligence]. The prompts used include [list of prompts]. The output from these prompts was used to [explain use].


I acknowledge the use of ChatGPT 3.5, July 20 version ( to generate a case study about the challenges of sustainability and labor ethics in the chocolate industry. I entered the following prompt on August 1, 2023:

  • "Create a case study over the operations of a chocolate company detailing the challenges of managing chocolate supply chains in both a sustainable and ethical manner. Identify key challenges. Propose potential solutions, but do not commit to any single approach. Conclude by with questions for students to consider about how they would proceed." 

The output from these prompts was used as the case study for the assignment which was then analyzed in the remaining portion of the assignment.

I acknowledge the use of Bing Image Creator powered by DALL-E ( to generate an image of an alien landscape. I entered the following prompt on August 2, 2023:

  • "Alien landscape with multiple suns on the horizon. Digital art."

The output from these prompts was used as a decorative image on my PowerPoint presentation.

I acknowledge the use of Claude ( to improve the organization and academic tone of my essay. I uploaded the text of my essay draft through Claude's attach a file feature and I entered the following prompts on August 3, 2023:

  • Original prompt: "For the attached document, suggest potential revisions to improve the organization of information and academic voice."
  • Follow-up prompt: "Please provide specific examples of corrections or improvements."

The output from these prompts was used to edit my draft essay. Some specific suggestions for rephrasing were adopted, but the output primarily was used to identify areas that could be strengthened from which I made original edits.

No AI tools/technologies were used in the completion of this assignment.


Disclosures are modeled on AI policies from Monash University (Australia).

Monash University. (n.d.). Policy and practice guidance around acceptable and responsible use of AI technologies. Retrieved August 1, 2023.