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Analytical Chemistry 2

Strategies & tips for locating resources for your research project.

Finding Sources for Your Research Assignment

Professor Huschka requires you to have:

  • 5 references that cover your topic
    • ‚Äča maximum of 2 references can be internet sites (do not use wikipedia)

 It's always wise to collect more than what you think you will need. This is especially true if you have to rely on interlibrary loan (borrowing from other libraries) and don't have the book or full text article to consult immediately.

The information on this guide will help you to discover different types of resources.  Please ask your instructor or one of our librarians for help if you have difficulty using the sources or you just don't know what else to try!  We'd be very happy to work with you to discover the sources you need!

Required Content

Be sure to include the following in your paper:

Schematic of the instrument (including labels that are legible) 20 pts
Description of how the instrument works 25 pts
Chemical/physical information that is obtained by using the instrument 15 pts
Advantages/Disadvantages of using this instrument 15 pts
Explanation of when and why you would use this instrument 15 pts
An example of what a spectrum or image looks like 15 pts
Approximate cost of the instrument 10 pts
Proper number of sources that are correctly reference within the text 10 pts
Total 125 pts