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Graduate School Entrance Exams: GRE

Many graduate schools require students to take specific a specific entrance exam as a part of the application process. The library has access to resources that will help you to study and prepare before taking the exam.


Study Guides in Dugan Library

Online Study Guides in Dugan Library

Click the links below to access a variety of online GRE study guides.

Accessing Online Practice Tests and eBook Study Guides:

  • Select the "Learning Express" Link shown below
  • Register or Log In to your account
    • Dugan Library does NOT have access to your login information, you can retrieve password information with your email account​
  • ​Select "College Center"
  • Select "Prepare for Graduate School Admissions Exams"
  • Select GRE from the menu
  • GRE Online Practice includes:
    • 2 Analytical writings practice tests
    • 2 Quantitative Reasoning practice tests
    • 2 Verbal Reasoning practice tests
    • 3 Downloable eBooks
  • ​Watch the video below for detailed instructions (no audio)

GRE & Learning Express