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Research Basics

A Guide to Academic Research at Dugan Library

Find & Access Media

Using Media

Media items can be a valuable source of information for many topics. Films, interviews, news reports, radio broadcasts, and historic images may provide a deeper explanation into your topic than an article, or they may cover a unique perspective of an issue that you hadn't seen before. Educational films tend to qualify as scholarly resources, but most news and radio broadcasts would be considered general, popular sources. Consult your assignments' directions to ensure you are able to use media items as for your project. 

Including media items in your project can be tricky. While it may be easy to copy and paste media into a presentation, there are copyright issues you must consider before using a video or audio clip.

Physical Media

Dugan Library has a variety of physical media items including movies, music, and audiobooks. Some of these resources are scholarly while others are for leisure use.

Digital Media

Many of the databases at Dugan Library contain video and image media. Approaches for finding media will vary from one database to another, but below are a couple of examples of media options in popular databases:

After performing a search in an EBSCO database like Academic Search Premier, links to related video and images will often appear in the results.

EBSCO media search results

On the search home page of many ProQuest databases, in this case Nursing & Allied Health, there will be links to video or other media collections that can be searched.

ProQuest media search