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Scholars Day: Printing Your Poster

Information for preparing your Scholars Day poster or presentation.

Printing on Campus

While it is possible to print color images either in Dugan Library or Mail & Copy, you are limited to prints no larger than 11" x 17".  

Tri-fold presentations are available for purchase at the campus bookstore.  They are $7.20 each.

PostNet in Wichita

You can easily upload the infographic you'd like to have printed and request a price quote.  You'll need to provide information on the dimensions, paper quality you'd prefer, as well any special requests you might have as well as when you'll want to pick up your print job.  There are two locations in Wichita, so you can select which would be most convenient for you to pick up your print job.

Prices are calculated on a per square foot prince. So for 36" x 48" poster (12 square feet) on a medium weight paper in full color, the cost is $2.95 per square foot, making the tri-fold size, $35.40 + tax.

They recommend emailing your print job: or if it easier, you can bring it on a flash drive.  However, depending upon their workflow they may not be able to print it immediately. If they are not able to print it immediately, it should be ready in just a day or two.  The nursing students have used this service for several years and have been pleased with the results.

Vista Print

36" x 48" posters start at $25.49 (special price for first time customers).  They offer options for designing your poster or uploading your own design.  They accept a wide variety of file types for printing. There is an additional charge for shipping.

Vivyx Printing

This online retailer offers reasonable prices and shipping options.  They do offer overnight shipping if you have delayed printing your poster.  Read carefully through their instructions for uploading files and the file types that are accepted.  Prices for posters range from $25-50 plus shipping.  Shipping fees range from $3-32 depending on how quickly you want to receive it.

Mega Print

You can design your poster (using the same PowerPoint templates on the previous page) and have the printed poster mailed directly to you.  This online company will review your poster for you and provides free shipping on most orders.  

They offer a variety of materials to print your poster on and have a quick service.  The price you'll pay varies depending upon what type of paper or other material your poster is printed on.  Prices range from $81-177.

FedEx Store

The FedEx store offers comparable services.  Prices here start at $7.25 per square foot.  For a 36" x 48" poster, it would be approximately $87 + tax.  Check their website for more information, including how long it will take to print your poster.

MakeSigns Poster Printing

Online vendor offering a variety of PowerPoint templates or the ability to upload your previously created poster.  Cost for printing a 36" x 48" color poster ranges from $41-95 depending upon what type of paper or material you have it printed on.  Standard shipping begins at $9 and goes up to $32 for speedier delivery.  This business points out that they are not available on the weekends or holidays, so factor that in when using this company.

City Blue in Wichita

This locally owned printing company is a short drive from campus.  You have the option of bringing your file to their store on flash/thumb drive, emailing the file or directly uploading the file on their website.

The charge for a 36" x 48" poster on paper that you would attach to your cardboard tri-fold poster is $66 plus tax.

Allow several days for them to print your poster.  It may be faster, but depending on work flow it may take longer.

Office Depot

Uploading and printing your poster is a snap at this website.

A 24" x 36" can be uploaded, printed and picked up at the store location of your choice.  Depending on your paper choices, prices for this size begin at $19.99 and go up from there.  However, this size is not the correct size for your tri-fold board.

A 36" x 48" can be uploaded and printed, however, this size is only available for delivery.  When I checked, delivery was free, but the printing took longer, so keep that in mind if you opt for this service.  Prices for this size begin at $39.99 and go up from there, depending upon your paper choice.  This is the optimal size for your tri-fold board.

We think that using the least expensive paper option is feasible, you'll be attaching it to your cardboard tri-fold board, so there shouldn't be issues with the heaviness/weight of the paper, thinner probably works best for this!