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MATH 6001 Seminal and Current Research in Mathematics Education with Emphasis on Grades 11-14

Strategies, tips and links to locate and gather resources for your research projects and course assignments.

Requesting Article Copies

Please email all article copy requests to:

  • Experiment with a variety of keywords and subject headings
  • Use "advance search" options to limit to full text, peer review, date ranges and more
  • Selecting the correct database or combination of databases can save you time when looking for articles
  • Remember that you can get copies of articles through interlibrary loan if they're not full text in the database
Mathematics Power Search
Limit Your Results

Selecting Databases

Of course, you can read through all of the many database descriptions that are provided and meticulously select which ones to search (targeted search), or you can search them all at once (blanket search).  There are pro's and con's to both.  

Targeted search:

  • Pro: You can eliminate false positives, digging through results that have no bearing on your topic
  • Con: You may not have very many results to work with; this can be especially frustrating depending on your level of experience with searching databases

Blanket search:

  • Pro: You can discover something that you might not have otherwise
  • Con: You have so many results you are overwhelmed trying to find something you can use; again, depending on your comfort level with library databases, this may or may not be an issue

It's up to you to decide.  We've provided a way to search in a targeted manner, but you can very easily change that if you prefer the blanket method!