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Advanced Standing: FAQ's

Links and support for advanced standing students!

What are the Requirements?

  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Students must be enrolled in high school classes
  • Students must have the permission of their guidance counselor
  • Students must have their parent or legal guardian's permission
  • Students must complete enrollment and submit payment
  • A maximum of 30 credit hours can be taken through one particular high school

How Do I Get My Grades?

Newman transcripts reflect the grade earned in your college level course. Once enrolled, you may access your Newman grades online through your Jetstream account. If Newman is not your college of choice, you can order your transcript online at the end of your senior year and have it sent to the college you will be attending. 

Will Newman Credits Transfer to Other Colleges?

Courses typically transfer to other colleges. To find out how they will transfer, contact the registrar of college you plan to transfer to. You will need the Newman course number in order to check, which is located on the handout received at the enrollment presentation or on the Newman schedule of courses page.

How Do I Have My Transcripts Sent?

You can order your transcripts through Clearinghouse. A small fee is required. Select our "Transcripts" page on this guide for more detailed instructions.

Note: FERPA laws prohibit Newman University from releasing academic records or transcripts to parents without written permission from the student. 

How Do I Drop or Withdraw From a Course?

There are two ways to discontinue a course: by drop or withdraw. 

Drop - Within two weeks from the beginning of the course you may drop a course for a full refund and without any record to your transcript. We consider the presentation date the beginning of the course. 

Once the course has been dropped, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Withdraw - After two weeks from the beginning of the course you may withdraw from a course to avoid a penalty to your GPA but the fee may only be refunded for a portion of the course attended. No refunds will be accepted after four weeks into the course. Your transcripts will indicate a "WD" for the course but is not calculated into your GPA. 

If you wish to drop or withdraw a course, please send an email to with your name, high school, and course you wish to discontinue.

Please note: Dropping or withdrawing a course from your high school does not mean it is dropped or withdrawn from Newman so be sure to contact Newman University when doing so.