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Advanced Standing: ACT Test Prep

Links and support for advanced standing students!

ACT Test Prep

Have you registered to take the ACT test?

Would you like FREE access to online study tools?

The State Library of Kansas generously provides access to Learning Express for all Kansas residents. Dugan Library provides a portal for access and using Learning Express. Many different types of tests are available to users of Learning Express. The instructions below are intended to help you access and use the ACT prep materials. Please contact Dugan Library if you have any questions.

Online Practice Tests

Accessing Online Practice Tests and eBook Study Guides:

  • Select the "Learning Express" link shown below
  • Register or login to your account
    • Dugan Library does NOT have access to your login information, you can retrieve password information with your email account​
  • Select "College Admissions Test Preparation --> Prepare for Your ACT Test."
  • The ACT Online Practice Tests are based on actual ACT Tests.
  • ACT Practice Tests are available for the individual subjects.
  • Four practices tests for each subject are available.
    • English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing
  • Four complete simulated practice tests are also available.
    • These comprehensive practice tests align with the practice tests. For instance, the questions used on practice tests 1 in each subject area are the same questions that appear on the complete practice test 1. If you want a more realistic practice test experience, don't use the individual subject tests that match the number of the complete simulated practice test.
  • ACT Test Preparation eBooks include:
    • Flash Review
    • Word Games
    • Power Practice
  • ACT Test Preparation Tutorial:
    • This tutorial will help you prepare for these sections of the test: English, Math, Reading & Science. You will review key concepts and topics, while testing your skills along the way.