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Advanced Standing: SQ3R & Test Preparation

Links and support for advanced standing students!


What is SQ3R?

SQRRR or "SQ3R" is a reading comprehension method named for its five steps: survey, question, read, recite, and review.


Survey the material to create an overview of the topics.

As you survey, you are looking at the subject matter before in-depth study. Skim for central ideas and main elements.

Question yourself to focus on the important ideas.

Examine the chapter headings and write questions to focus your reading materials. This will allow you to build comprehension and relate concepts.

Read the materials.

Read actively. Use the questions that you wrote in the previous step. Find out the answers as you read. Look for important concepts. Mark up your textbook. Take notes. Underline. Bracket. Star sections. Highlight key terms.

Recite the concepts to anchor them in your brain!

After reading, stop and answer your questions. You may choose to recite answers out loud or write them out.

Keep moving through the read-recite cycle as you study.

Review again...and again.

Review the material soon after you finish the readings.  Use techniques to solidify the material in your brain.


Quiz yourself

Outline the materials

Discuss with someone else

Critically question the material

Is it similar to something else?

How is it different to something else?

Why did this happen, what are the consequences?

What evidence supports this? Are the examples?

How could this be evaluated? Does it support the central themes of the subject?

Test Preparation Worksheet