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Resources for Faculty: Open Educational Resources and eTextbooks

Discover and explore Dugan Library resources!

What is Faculty Select?

Faculty Select has been added to Dugan Library resources to aid faculty who are interested in using free open educational resources (OER's) in place of traditional physical textbooks to lower costs for students enrolled in their courses. While OER's are gaining in popularity and content, faculty should be aware before searching that relevant texts may be challenging to locate. Faculty Select is intended to help focus the search and provide links to incorporate in Canvas courses. 

Faculty may even find it optimal to select more than one OER textbook and incorporate chapters or selections from multiple books to best meet their needs for a particular course.

In addition to searching for OER textbooks, faculty may also opt to search a selection of unlimited DRM eBooks to use as an alternative to physical textbooks through Faculty Select. Unlimited DRM means that an unlimited number of users may access a single book online through a link that is provided to you when the eBooks are purchased. 

The information below includes demonstration videos for searching for OER's and unlimited DRM eBooks, written instructions and, most importantly, the link to NU's portal to begin searching. If you have questions about any of this information, please contact the staff of Dugan Library for assistance.

Searching for OER Textbooks

Searching for Unlimited User eBooks

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Steve Hamersky
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Reference & Instruction Librarian

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Jeanette Parker
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Connecting to Faculty Select

Access Faculty Select.

For the best search experience, we recommend using: Firefox, Internet Edge or Safari. Chrome is not supported for use at this time and may not allow you to connect with the resource. If Chrome is your default browser, you may need to right click on the Faculty Select link and copy the URL into an alternate browser.

Instructions for Searching

You will need to keep in mind that you can either search for OER textbooks or eBooks for purchase; they should not be searched concurrently. Because the main purpose for faculty select is to take advantage of OER's we recommend that those are searched prior to eBooks. If you are already familiar with a text and would like to see if it is available as an eBook, feel free to do so.

Searching for OER's:

  • Click on the link to access Faculty Select. Make sure you are using Firefox, Edge or Safari (Chrome will not work at this time).
  • Try searching using the Advanced Search
  • Limit language, date ranges, publisher, and resource type (try OER and owned eBooks first!)
  • Enter your search terms
  • Examine your results
  • Use the link inside the records to examine the OER at it's publisher website
  • Click on the link to adopt the OER
  • Fill out the form and you will received an email with the link to embed in your course

Searching for DRM free eBooks for Dugan Library to purchase:

  • Click on the link to access Faculty Select. Make sure you are using Firefox, Edge or Safari (Chrome will not work at this time).
  • Try searching using the Advanced Search
  • Limit search to eBooks available to purchase
  • Limit language, date ranges, publisher
  • Enter your search terms
  • Examine your results
  • Use the link inside the records to see a preview of an eBook
  • Click on the link to request that Dugan Library purchase the item
  • Fill out the form and you will receive an email confirming your request
  • You will be notified when the book has been added to Dugan Library's collection and given a link to embed in your course

What should you do if you do not find a book you are interested in:

  • Email Steve Hamersky
    • Include as much of the publication information as possible
      • Author, Title, Publisher, Date and ISBN of the desired edition
  • Additional options for eBook purchases may exist beyond what you are able to locate using Faculty Select. Even if you don't find what you want there, we have additional resources we can explore as well to help you find the right materials for your courses.


Creative Commons Licenses

Not sure what a Creative Commons license is? Need help deciphering what you can do with material licensed under Creative Commons?

Visit the Creative Commons website to understand more about them!