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Business: Marketing

Basic search tips and strategies for business students

Searching for Marketing Information

Locating reliable industry, product and company reports is an essential component of marketing. Subscription databases that you have access to thru Dugan Library have useful tools that enable you to search quickly and effectively for relevant information.

No matter which business database you opt to use, NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System) can be an invaluable tool to quickly focus in on the most relevant industry and product information.  You can search for NAICS codes at the US Census Bureau's website: Type in your keywords, identify the relevant code or codes and you're ready to start searching.

You can also ticker symbols to search for more information.  This website allows you to search for companies and provides the ticker symbol as well as which stock market it is associated with:

What's different about searching in the databases versus searching in Google or a company's website?

  1. No ads
  2. No hidden information
  3. Compare companies and products with one search rather than visiting multiple sites
  4. Searching for additional information is one simple click away...

Searching for NAICS Codes & Ticker Symbols

This video illustrates how to quickly search for and identify relevant NAICS Codes.

This video illustrates how to search for and quickly identify ticker symbols.

Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier
  • Company Profile Search Tips
    • Select "Company Profiles" from menu bar at top of screen
    • Select the "MarketLine" report to see standardized summary report
    • Select the company name to see summary report plus:
      • SWOT
      • Journal articles
      • news articles
      • industry profiles
      • market research reports, and much more!
  • Search Terms for Product or Marketing Information
    • Select NAICS or Industry
      • forecasting
      • marketing
      • new product development
      • packaging design
      • sustainability

Small Business Reference Center

Small Business Reference Center

You can search usable worksheets, forms and other specialty information geared toward helping a small business owner get started. You can access these special document types using the advanced search menu.