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Business: Mergent Online & Key Business Ratios

Basic search tips and strategies for business students

Mergent Online and Key Business Ratios

Dugan Library recently added these two new resources for Business students and faculty to use when seeking company and investment information. In addition to the links to the resources, we have added videos demonstrating some basic techniques along with links that connect you with NAICS codes and stock market ticker symbols.

If you have questions about using these resources, please contact Dugan Library.

Mergent Online

Mergent Online is a dynamic resource that allows researchers to locate in one place industry and company information, compile financial reports, and examine current and historical stock information.

The video below provides a brief look at searching for basic company information.

Searching for NAICS Codes & Ticker Symbols

The US Census Bureau provides access to NAICS codes or industry codes to facilitate organization of companies and information. The advantage of using NAICS codes while searching allows you to retrieve known and previously unknown companies related to a particular industry. You may use these codes to search Mergent Online as well as our business databases in EBSCOhost.

This video illustrates how to quickly search for and identify relevant NAICS Codes.

The Ticker Symbol Lookup is a free feature from Market Watch.  Type in a publicly held company name and it will provide you with the ticker symbol as well as the market the stock is exchanged on. You can use ticker symbols to search Mergent Online, Key Business Ratios and the business databases in EBSCOhost.

This video illustrates how to search for and quickly identify ticker symbols.

Key Business Ratios (Dun & Bradstreet)

Key Business Ratios provides online access to competitive benchmarking data. This tool lets researchers examine industry benchmarks compiled from D&B®’s database of public and private companies, featuring 14 key business ratios (users choose a one-year or three-year set of ratios) for public and private companies in 800 lines of business.

The video below provides a brief look at compiling benchmark data.