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Business: Company & Legal Research

Basic search tips and strategies for business students

Company & Legal Research

Dugan Library provides access to a variety of full text resources related to company profiles and legal information.  This page is intended to guide you to those resources and to help you easily locate and use them.  The box on the left contains information related to company profiles and reports.  The box to the right contain information on locating legal resources related to corporate and financial law.

Company Profiles & Reports

Business Source Premier contains easy-to-use full text company profiles for hundreds of public and privately held companies.  The full text profiles are provided through MarketLine.

Locating Case Studies

Case Studies can be a helpful tool to use when exploring a company or a particular issue related to business and corporations.  If you're research a specific issue or company, you can get started searching in conjunction with the search term "case studies".  This may be searched as a keyword or as a subject heading. 

For example, I'm interested in exploring the ethics of fracking and exploring if there are specific examples of case studies related to fracking.  Different searches I might try would include the following:

  • fracking and ethics
  • hydrauling fracturing and ethics (you definitely want to try variations of a term; this is the official terminology)
  • fracking and case studies
  • fracking and ethics and case studies--as well as substituting hydraulic fracturing to be thorough

You can also enter a company or individual name to search for case studies.  

For the best results, use the Business Power Search located on the "Finding Journal Articles" page of this guide.


Legal Resources

Legal Collection has the full text for over 250 law school and legal publications.  Articles discuss specific cases and decisions, providing insight into decisions and other legal information.